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Mesh Dog Sandals - Red
PRS# 64719

Protect your precious pup's paws with our Mesh Dog Sandals in Red!
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Reflective stripe for safety in low light
  • Secure and adjustable touch fastener closure at ankle
  • Sturdy non-slip rubber soles protect from pavement and blacktop heat
  • Good for dogs with grass allergies
Why We Love Them:
Our Red Mesh Dog Sandals are stylish and easy to put on with an adjustable touch fastener ankle strap for a secure fit. Vented dog sandals are a great way to cope with hot weather conditions.
Unlike some boots that can make your dog's paws feel hotter, these mesh sandals will allow your pet's paws to breathe. This is important because the only two ways a dog can cool herself is by panting and sweating through her paws. These sturdy yet soft mesh dog sandals protect your dog's paws from hot pavement, concrete, and sand with sturdy rubber nonslip soles.
An added safety benefit are the reflective tabs that are both sporty and increase visibility in low-light conditions.
Dogs with grass and pollen contact allergies may find these mesh dog sandals to be a helpful solution to be able to play outside without causing a reaction. Simply slip these on before an outing and your pup won't be licking and chewing her paws raw because of touching the allergen. 
Made of soft, breathable mesh, a cotton floral print paw bed, and rubber soles. Available in a set of 4.  
Sizing Information:
(These measurements are taken from inside of the sandal.)


Dear Human,

I have worked with the finest furry tailors in the world, and am here to share my bounty of knowledge. Here's how to measure your pet...

Measure from the base of the tail (where it connects to the hindquarters) up to where the collar typically sits at the base of the neck, then follow up with a generous back scratch.

This is measured by giving your pet a hug, during which you measure the entire circumference (all the way around) at the widest point of your pet's chest. This is typically right behind the front legs.

First, plenty of kisses. Then, measure the neck's circumference (the distance around it) at the point where the collar sits.

How to Measure Your Dog